STP Support | Loneliness & the STP

This week (9-15th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s focus is on loneliness. According to recent figures from the Mental Health … STP Support | Loneliness & the STP A post I wrote for the STP Perspectives blog for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022😊

Happy 1st Birthday to my ADHD diagnosis…

22nd May 2020: Only 4 days until I finished my undergraduate degree, an experience I had hated a lot of…However this is not the reason why this date is significant. This is the day things started to change for the better. The day my life finally began to make sense. The day I was officiallyContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday to my ADHD diagnosis…”

Why I started this blog…and how it relates to baths!?

Well…the first, and main, reason I decided to start writing this stuff was as a form of ‘therapy’ for myself. My mind was constantly racing with millions of thoughts quickly passing through, jumping from one thing to another, with no structure or coherence. This gave me minimal time to process and understand each thought andContinue reading “Why I started this blog…and how it relates to baths!?”


Hi I’m Alice, a 23 year old, recently diagnosed with (ADHD). I enjoy exercising, napping, complaining, making people laugh and impulsively doing reckless things… Welcome to my blog “I need a nap”. Why is it called this you ask? Well, firstly, anyone who has lived with me or knows me well probably knows that thisContinue reading “Introduction”

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